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It’s late or early..?

Sick and can’t sleep :/ So what do I do? COLOR! Definitely not going into work tomorrow(today?) Hopefully I’ll be in better shape by friday bleh =__= in the mean time, I’ll hopefully get something sketched out for your amusements later :) 

best robot?

:3 Oh did you mean SPG? hehe

Hi Gabi! I see that you like sharks, so, Do you have a favourite shark? Greetings and thank you!

My favorite shark is the Port Jackson shark :3 they’re so derpy and cute!

Hola Gabi habláis español? Este fin de semana te veías increíble jejé, oye porque no se han tomado, tu como Walter Girl y David como Spine una foto juntos? sería maravilloso!! Besos de Chocolate!

Hola! Si hablo espanol heh pero no lo escribo perfecto haha. No tenemos mucho tiempo para tomar fotos de solo nosotros quando estamos en los shows. Pero si vamos a tomar unos quando viene comic con ;)

I just want to thank you SO much for talking with me and my friend at Calico. I feel we may have talked your ears off, but we were so happy at just the thought that you would even take the time to listen to us!! You were so adorable and SO nice. I've never met the members of other bands that I like, let alone the cute girlfriend of one! Your talking with me and my friend just proves how awesome SPG is! Thanks again! -Alysha (the curly haired Rex Marksley looking one with the sailor suit girl) :D

Thank you! And it was great talking to you as well! n__n I’m glad you had a good time, you two were very sweet! :D

I loved speaking with you at Calico, thank you for putting up with my terrified, shakng, awkwardness!~ ~Kaliya (its okay if yu dont remember me or anythng I not memorable I just wanted to thank yu for puttng up with my shyness) anyway love your art byeeeee

Of course I remember you girl! :D it was lovely chatting with you. You were very sweet and I’d be happy to chat with you anytime at future shows! Thank you for the support and have a lovely day!!


Gabi & The Spine | photo by trekkiebeth

Lmao Beth! XD I don’t even know how you got this but oh man yes hahWe’re so clever hurrrr x3


Gabi & The Spine | photo by trekkiebeth

Lmao Beth! XD I don’t even know how you got this but oh man yes hah
We’re so clever hurrrr x3

Soo.... honestly, how were the cookies? (both were new recipes and could probably use a little tweaking and improving)


We had nothing else to eat for dinner, so Gabi and I ate them all together and felt really sick and terrible.

They were super delicious though. :3

Would recommend!

True story :T tasty cookies and sweets are dessert not dinner lol

Hi! I really wanna meet you! Like, painfully! You seem like a lovely person! But sadly, I live in England :( *sobs in corner* I have two questions for you! If that's okay: First question: In "Please Explain" there's a woman singing, I was wondering, is that you? And my second question: I hope this isn't rude, but is Gabi short for anything? I really love your name! :D

Daww, maybe some day! That’s very sweet of you :D for the first question, no I’ve never lent my voice to any SPG song/creation heh. And 2~ it’s short for Gabriela :3 I think it sounds like mush when pronounced in English but it’s not terrible in Spanish xD I’ll stick to Gabi hah

I love that narwhal onesie you made. How do you make it!?

Thanks! It’s a standard pattern for most onesies which I modified and added to to make my own :) I’ve made a few and hopefully will make more in the future cuz they’re too fun x)